Featured below is an extensive list of the albums and mini-albums released by Plastic Tree in reverse chronological order. Please click on the CD cover to view the track listings, as well as specific information about the release. Note that this is still under construction as I am making a very large and dedicated attempt to collecting their entire discography. The CDs that I do own have been scanned by me and will feature high quality scans of the front and back of the CD booklet!

2008 Utsusemi

2007 B-men Gahou

2007 Nega to Posi

2007 What is "Plastic Tree"?

2006 Chandelier

2005 Best Album Shiro-Ban

2005 Best Album Kuro-Ban

2004 cell.

2003 Shiro Chronicle

2002 Premium Best

2002 Traumerei

2001 Single Collection

2001 Cut ~Early Songs Best Selection~

2000 Parade

1998 Puppet Show

1997 Hide and Seek

1995 (1996) Strange Fruits
-Kimyou na Kajitsu-