member biographies

Birth March 06, 1973
BirthPlace Chiba
Blood AB
Ryutaro Arimura is the vocalist of Plastic Tree. When many think of Plastic Tree they tend to associate it with Ryutaro's incredibly unique voice. He is very polite and spiritual, but never too reserved to crack a joke or tease a fellow band member in his childlike mannerisms. He also enjoys reading manga and books, watching movies and writing poetry. Ryutaro writes most of their lyrics and sometimes supports Akira with the guitar.

Birth November 16, 1970
BirthPlace Chiba
Blood O
Tadashi Hasegawa is the bass player of Plastic Tree. He enjoys drawing a lot and is infamous for creating the Pura characters that are now seen on a lot of merchandise. Tadashi has acquired the label of being the bandleader, although he does not agree with the classification. He shares many interests with Ryutaro, specifically love for movies. He writes most of their music and sometimes supports with back up vocals.

Birth January 16, 1971
BirthPlace Hokkaido
Blood A
Akira Nakayama is the guitarist of Plastic Tree. He's most recognizable from his eccentric amount of tattoos on his arms. Akira loves noodles (specifically ramen noodles) and makes a lot of jokes. Excluding photo shoots, he is rarely ever seen without a smile on his face. Akira has recently become more involved with writing lyrics and music.

Birth October 12, 1976
BirthPlace Hokkaido
Blood A
Hiroshi Sasabuchi is the drummer of Plastic Tree. Although he has only been in the band for about half of their existence, he has made such an impact that would make one think he's always been apart of Plastic Tree. He has a deep love for dogs and animals and it was always a child hood passion of his to play the drums. Although he has not composed for Plastic Tree as of yet, Bucchi connects to the fans through writing Plastic Tree's online blog.