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I do plan to do a lot more with this fanlisting in the coming weeks and months. I hope to add a gallery of magazines scans as well as an extensive lyrics database! In the mean time, please enjoy this small section below!
Who is Plastic Tree? For those who are not familiar with the band...


An exhaustive amount of thank you goes to the JRock bible, JaME! Another great research resource was the lovely site Schwarzes-Zelt. CD scans have also been resourced from Wiki.thePPN.
And of course, thank you so much again Jody for allowing me to adopt one of my biggest wishlisters!

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Please do not use anything off this site without contacting me! I know that a lot of the site has been resourced from others, but I have worked hours upon hours on this site (especially on the CD scans) - I will gladly give permission for use of some content, but please ask first! I usually respond within 24 hours, so I won't leave you waiting forever - I promise. ;D Thank you for stopping by!


Why the title? It was an obvious need to buy a domain for this fanlisting, so I wanted to come up with something very meaningful. As Sickroom was the name of their fanclub, I thought it would be a nice dedication to their fans and to Pura! I was thrilled that the domain wasn't taken. ;D


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