Who is Plastic Tree?

I thought a nice little section would be needed on this site for those who are not yet fimilar with Plastic Tree. I have been a fan of Pura for over five years now and I have never been so smitten with a band. Plastic Tree defines a great taste of music for me. In many ways I even believe that they are their own genre - That's how unique they are in my eyes. Their music soothes me in a way that no other band can. From Ryutaro's incrediably therapetic voice, to Tadashi's ringing bass lines, to Akira's melody driven cords, to Bucchi's concentrated drum beats; every song of Plastic Tree has effected me to some extent.

I honestly have a hard time trying to explain what Plastic Tree sounds like. Ryutaro and Tadashi have many times cited that The Cure and Radiohead are a big influence in their works, but I still tend to associate them as their own genre. One of the things I love so much about Plastic Tree is that they don't stay within a speific genre - They compose a song that associates with their feelings or message. They can have heavy songs, they can have ballads, they can even have a poprock sound (or Britpop); But in my mind, you truely have to sit down and listen to them to fully experience their quality.

It's very hard for me to compile a list of personal recommendations that one can shuffle through, since I honestly feel like every song is truely worth a listen! Their earlier works have a strong indies feel to it, while their more recent work is very matured. Shiro Chronicle and Parade are two albums that I think you can get a strong Pura feel from them.

Please give Pura a try and support their music!